CD 252 Knowles - Slug embossed - Yellow Green! Sale

By Bill Meier; posted May 17, 2007

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Add some nice color to your power or CD 252 collection! Just a nice yellow green. A few added extra embossing features: the slug embossing on the front, and the arced embossing with the bold prism on the rear. I thought the rear view was neat, so that's the shot I took! Don't worry, it's not an attempt to conceal any damage on the front!

Condition is outstanding! Just a little abrasion on face the \\\\\\\\\\\\"7. 1\\\\\\\\\\\\" is the date (see photo), and some very minor flaking on the inside of the inner skirt. Even if you flip it over, you can miss it. Best I can tell, not a ping, ding, flea bite or anything else on the rest of the insulator!

$135 to your door.