1908 Erie RR Telegraph Station ER and ERW Insulators

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted April 22, 2007

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This is a photo of the then-new (1908) Erie RR station opened in Painted Post, New York. Note the six-pin crossarms (pole line to the left) that represented typical telegraph construction of the circa 1890-1920 era. Since this station was along the long-standing Erie railroad, it is very probable that E.R. marked (Erie Railroad) CD 145 insulators (introduced in the late 1880s as the Western Union standard) were pretty much common along this line and their others.) The predecessor telegraph line of this locale very probably employed ERW and NY&ERR lettered insulators. Maybe some of the threaded versions of the aforementioned were reused? At any rate, this is a quality and wonderful glimse of the territory where these insulators were used. BTW, it is known that somewhere near Painted Post, New York (I do not know the specifics) a rather large "dump" of telegraph insulators was discovered during the very early 1970s. Many Boston Bottle Works insulators were found there and subsequently entered the hobby. A prized insulator-news memory to say the least!! Crown Jewels of the Wire Editor Dora Harned and Old Bottle Magazine "Insulator By-Lines" columnist Frances Terrill had LOTS of fun reporting the finds of this treasure!! Very probably the most grandeur and exciting Boston Bottle Works finds of all time!