5 little Buddhas sitting on a fence

By Bob Scafe; posted April 5, 2007

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Now, what floats your boat? These guys always remind me of little Buddha statues.

I get quite a kick out of these different knife fuses, and would like to add more to my collection which consists of [left to right] 3 different Westinghouse units, a CGE as in Canadian General Electric, and a Muloney. If you have any Knife Fuses that you are willing to part with, please contact me .

As you can see, the rest of the display rack needs filling up as well. I have just added 80 linear feet of display room to the porcelain rack, as I had run out of space. If you come up to the Merritt Insulator Show, May 5-6, maybe you can sell me some insulators to fill up the rack

Presently, I am looking for OTE marked porcelain insulators from the Greek Telephone System, and Knife Fuses Please contact me if you have anything available for sale or swap.