2 OTE Greece insulators and an oddball cousin.

By Bob Scafe; posted April 4, 2007

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Pictured above are 2 insulators made in Poland and Japan for the Greek Telephone system. As you can see, I have applied labels indicating the insulator size and source country. The insulator from Poland was sent to me by Miklos Moser and Zoltan Drinoczi of Hungary. They found this while on a hunting trip in Poland a couple of years ago. The NGK / Japan insulator was purchased on an auction site when I realized the similarity in size and purpose of the insulator compared favourably to the Polish one I had. It appears that Greece purchases abroad for it's insulator needs. Does anyone have any similarily marked [ OTE ] insulators from countries other than Japan or Poland, or possibly other styles marked OTE. Any knowledge if glass insulators are used in Greece.

Now, on the left is the oddball cousin. I think it might be British, but that's a guess. It has a 1/2" approx pinhole, and the marking on the front skirt is "E" over a "J" or a "5", all within a Diamond. The numbers are either 372 or possibly 312. I think it is 372. Your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, are appreciated.

Edit Correction: Zoltan Drinoczi of Hungary advises that the OTE with the Poland label was actually manufactured by Arendelovac of Serbia. Destined for Greece, it somehow ended up in Poland.

Addition: the small insulator on the left is attributed to Portugal. Thanks Zoltan.