Must have been made on a Monday or a Friday

By Bob Scafe; posted March 15, 2007

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At least the wheels won't fall off this one!!!, but, what was this guy thinking, or not?

We start with a regular SDP CD 106 - 130 with HEMINGRAY - 9 on the front skirt. On the rear skirt, well, I think our mould engraver was thinking about his weekend, or perhaps how they were biting, because he sure was not concentrating on his job. The embossing looks like he engraved the mould MADEN U. S. A. and then remembered the letter "I". Each of the letters M A D E N is equally spaced, but then the "I" is squeezed in to the small spacing between the "E" and the "N". No allowance was given for MADE and IN being separate words, and then he missed the letter "I".

Is this particular embossing oddity known in the hobby and a question specifically for our Hemingray embossing enthusiasts, does this particular anomoly make this a desirable insulator. I did not see it in the price guide, but then, should I expect to see it even if this embossing variation is known.