Manuelito Rasmussen Hemingray

By Edward Brown; posted March 14, 2007

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The incredibly famous and highly esteemed inventor of the [id=190108097; genuine threadless Mexican fencepost insulator]. Born April 1, 1837. He lives on forever, an immortal legend, one of the Pantheon of The Truly Great Men of All Time, and also known as "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" . He is also well known for coining the phrase "Badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges", when he was deputized as the Sheriff of Nottingham, by King Napoleon the Fourteenth..

He is a distant relative of the lesser known writer and bon vivant Ernesto Hemingray, who authored "For Ma, the Bell Tolls" which is an intriguing story about the creation of long distance telephone lines, and the glass insulators especially designed for that purpose. . He also wrote "The Grumpy Old Man and the Sea" which details the GOM's seafaring days as a notorious pirate, with green teeth and carrying a parrot on his shoulder.

M.R. Hemingray is also second cousin to Artemus Gordon Bell, best known as the inventor of the dial tone and the busy signal.

The Hemingray Glass Company commemorated the hundredth anniversary of his birth with a special limited edition, Hemingray-42, clearly embossed with "MR Hemingray".

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It has been recently discovered that M.R. Hemingray had originally contracted with a little-known glass maker named Bullford & Middle, located in Scorpion's Forge, Arizona, to make the prototypes of [id=190108097; this very rare and desirable glass gem].