Insulator in "Thank You For Smoking".

By Barrett Nicpon; posted March 8, 2007

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Another photo for the database of 'insulators in movies'. It's funny how these little pieces of glass, when incidentally discovered in mainstream environments, really tickle our fancies like this. Nothing else in movies appeals to me like seeing a telegraph glass.

This is from "Thank you for Smoking", that odd 2005 film about marketing and all that, starring Aaron Eckhart as a tobacco lobbyist. It was a good movie, and it was made all the better when, somewhere around halfway, in a scene where the main character goes to visit the original "Marloboro Man", and where, while showing the man's wife, a lone Brookfield CD 102 is visible. It's on the far left on a shelf over the sink.

Keep your eyes open! Too bad this isn't one you can reach out and grab!