Tie #39 - Neat iron twist splice on CD 147

By Pat Scott; posted March 3, 2007

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Iron conductor tied with iron tie wire once around the neck. The interesting feature with this one is the twisted splice on the conductor right at the insulator. This is perhaps my favorite, and one of the few I want to keep, should you find yourself interested. This one came from Stanton, MO on the old Frisco, the line many people have commented on running along I-44 through southeast Missouri. The line was taken down in 2005. I was getting most of the glass anyway, but this one was a bit luckier find. The contractors had already sold the poles and moved them to a nearby property. I found the owner and asked about the insulators, where this one ended up being. He told us to take as many as we wanted, because he wanted to get rid of them all but did not know how he was going to do so. He only wanted the poles.