NOS set of 10 Surge pins - Sold!

By Dave Wiecek; posted February 20, 2007

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Here's something you certainly don't see every day... a set of NOS Surge pins in their original wire wrap. Surge pins are few and far between. I have only seen about a handful offered for sale in over 25 years. This looks to be a similar packaging to how larger side pins were shipped in circles of 25 however these are side by side. There are 6 CD 100 Surge insulators on every other pin with either the REQ error or the Chiciago error. I honestly don't ever recall ever hearing or seeing how they were packaged. The insulators were supposedly on the pins. I don't know if that's practical or true, but that is what I was told by the previous owner. Flat Rate $8.10 shipping. First email!