Blotted Out Brookfield 102

By Barrett Nicpon; posted February 17, 2007

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Another odd [050] Brookfield from north of the border. The way these things turn up, you'd think they're the only kind to be had up here! Well, if that is the case, then it's unusual, as well, that this would be the first of this variety I've ever seen! This piece is strange because the rear skirt where the "NEW YORK" embossing is has a series of blots extending across the entire embossing. I can not make out for the life of me what the embossing could have been, or whether this was maybe just some kind of mould repair. The dome number on the piece is a backwards 5. The skirt is flared out at the base, and the piece is relatively tall and skinny compared to most Brookfields. Is this the B.G.M.CO. blotout? I have no B.G.M.CO. CD 102 to compare it to. Any ideas? I can post a profile photo of the mould if that helps.