Makes you wanna puke!

By Chris McClelland; posted January 29, 2007

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This is the lot of 8 insulators I purchased from eBay last week, and what you see in the way of bubblewrap is all the packing that was included in the tiny 6 X8 X 5 box also seen in the picture. I also specifically asked the seller to pack and wrap well!!! Here is what survived.... 145 HGCO H dome...aqua....X$1 grey porcelain spool...X$1 154 Hemi 42,aqua..... value...X$1 154 WT, lt aqua.....$1 129 Hemingray TS, clear.....X$1 154 Hemi 42,clear....X$1 152 Hemi 40 in Hemi blue/blue.....$8 possibly(not seen) The guy who did not survive? Just the $40 honey amber frogeye which was the only reason I bid on it in the first place! Regardless of if you ask the seller to pack well always assume your parcel was packed by an orangutan wanked out on crack unless they are an ICON member! I think I'm gonna go stick my head in the toilet till the bubbles stop....