CD 731 Unembossed green - Real???

By Rick Jones; posted January 17, 2007

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I purchased this threadless CD 731 at the Springfield Show this past November. Great addition to my threadless collection, I thought, until recently. There seems to be some question as to its authenticity. I'm posting a photo here to generate some discussion. I posted photos of it in November in artificial light and next to a light blue 731 I got at the same show, different dealer. If these are being cloned, then this is scary, because this baby looks real throughout. It's the Tillotson mold with the narrow wire groove. It has lots of seed bubbles, some glass impurities, and the glass surface looks and feels just like my other 731's. The surface even has a light orange peel texture, again, identical to some of my other 731's. It is not slick and new looking nor does it have an "oily" feel to it. It is a different mold than my McKee's, since they have a wider and more square wire groove.

I know somebody might take great pains if they're going to produce and market these to achieve a lot of detail, but this one has some soiling in the top perimeter of the pin cavity and wire stains inside the wire groove, again, like many of my other pieces. I can post more photos if anyone is interested. Just trying to follow my own warning to get better educated about the hobby and what goes on. That's why I'm sending this out to the long time pros for discussion. Private replies are fine, too. BTW, Glenn and Steve---there is no way this could have been sniffed out, should it be a fake, by you guys. I even showed it around to threadless guys at the show and not one person raised the issue there.