The tie died Thomas M-4325

By Mike Spadafora; posted December 26, 2006

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In the fall of 2002 I was on my was south to attend the winter Auburn California show ...Wile passing through the Redding area, I spotted an old obviously abandoned power line leading off into the hills. The poles had no cables on them and appeared to be on the brink of falling over . So, being an opportunist collector with a few hours to kill I jumped the fence along the road and wanderd off across a cow pasture to some bushes near one of the poles. I found little more then some smashed M-4325's in an ugly dark color and wonderd on . The next few poles proved fruitless so I headed back . At the first pole sight I decided to wander further off the line and there in the brush I saw this insulator laying neatly on it's side . it was obviously saved by the lineman...likely more then 50 years ago. I was shocked to see the color when I picked it up and dusted it off . it was one of the most beautiful multiparts I had ever seen ... almost like an artist had glazed it as art rather then an object of function. The porcelain pinbase is unmarked and apears to be an early Victor procuct. it was with the insulator when found. Please see the next photo for more info and a view of the top