Unusual embossing CD 128 Pyrex

By Michael Bushnell; posted December 15, 2006

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I usually don't care about embossing errors, but this one is strange. CD 128 Pyrex whose closest match is (003) (FS)Pyrex (letter)/T.M. REC.U.S.PAT.OFF (Note spelling) (RS) CSA/MADE IN USA (SB) only lists off clear. Only listing for the "REC" spelling... The differences on this piece are (1) the (letter) following Pyrex is "BM" instead of 1 letter, w/fold in glass or an "X" after that...looks like "BMX". (2) MADE IN USA is followed by a "41" where no number is listed in guide. Small differences perhaps, but interesting if you collect these...color is straw or light lemon too, not off clear! pic 2: [id=170791078]