Nagel Tailgater/Xmas Party

By Dwayne Anthony; posted December 12, 2006

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A small portion of the crowd that gathered for the December 9, 2006 GCSIC meet. L to R: John McDougald; Kevin Jacobson; Mel Bradford; Fred Flaig; Carol McDougald; Norma Flaig; Jim Harlow; Rita Harlow. The Grand Canyon State Insulator Club held its December meeting at the home of Roger and Terri Nagel in Peoria, Arizona. This special meeting included a backyard tailgater and Christmas party/dinner provided by the hosts. By about noon there were five tables set up full of glass insulators, with buying and selling already underway. Most attendees spent the first couple of hours sampling Terri's tasty pre dinner snacks and viewing Roger's growing and very impressive collection. John and Carol McDougald arrived a couple of hours later and John went right to work setting up his sales table. They recently announced on their website, Grampa Mac's Insulator Emporium, that they were downsizing their collection. Anyone that has seen the McDougald's collection in recent years knows that "downsizing" must translate to some amazing pieces becoming available. Needless to say, John's table saw immediate heavy attention.

For a small collector get-together, some amazing pieces were seen changing hands. From memory, here is a list of items I can recall that found new homes during this meet, either as outright purchases or prearranged deliveries: 102 diamond pony with heavy milk swirling; 104 nn Pennycuick in dark green; 104 nn Pennycuick with a truly unbelievable massive silver dollar-size bubble; 117 "&" in aqua; 120 Pony in super jade aqua; 120 KCGW in green aqua;121 McLaughlin in true cornflower blue; 123 EC&M in blue; 124 Hemi in heavy milk swirled aqua; 133 W Brookfield 45 Cliff St in light purple; 133.1 Brookes with heavy milk swirls throughout; 133.4 Patent 1871 in a mind blowing bubbly dark green [id=170477243]; 134 nn Pennycuick in yellow olive green with a pure aqua patch of glass in the dome top; 151 HG Co in the heaviest swirled milky aqua I've ever seen; 151 HG Co in an outrageous rich olive amber; 161 California in deep purple with heavy dome glass; 162 HG Co heavy milk swirled; 164 Brookfield green with very large rock in the dome; 700 egg in sage green. The dinner was equally enjoyable, consisting of ham and turkey with all the trimmings. All GCSIC members that attended thank Roger and Terri for their fabulous hospitality and for all their hard work putting this memorable event together (and that includes all the ladies that assisted Terri in the kitchen). Everyone wore constant smiles all day long!