"Rare" EC&Ms to fill your Christmas stocking - cheap

By Bill Winters; posted December 8, 2006

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Greetings! Okay....these are NOT real insulators. These are Impostulators. They are made of resin and mirror the actual features and flaws of a real EC&M. These were approved by the NIA and there is no way that you could confuse them with the real thing....after you pick one up that is. These beauties sold for around $35 each when "new." But you can get a million bucks worth of fun by having them on your display shelf or maybe even interspersed with insulators on your sales table. Can you say whiplash??!!?? These babies will stop a collector in his or her tracks....you just have to look at them and drool over them and then (once the bobber starts to go down into the water to indicate that there is a fish inspecting the bait) you just pick it up and toss it to them. These look so real that they should have been issued with a warning label similar to the following.... WARNING: Be careful during the tossing process as this could lead to serious medical problems as the receiving party does not yet know that the soon to be caught piece is not a real EC&M. Do so at your own risk. These cool "rare" pieces would look good at your house!! They are being offered at $28 for the pair delivered to your house in the U.S. I accept checks (ICON or NIA members), money orders or even PayPal works for me. I can get this cool piece delivered to you in time to be put under the Christmas tree. Thank you for looking. I hope that you have a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year!