$35.00 and a New Friend!

By Anthony Eiting; posted December 2, 2006

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Today we stopped by to gaze at a couple of insulators we saw in an antique store window. We went in and saw quite a collection. After spending 20 min. or so browsing (and occasionally drooling) we finally narrowed it down to five insulators. Two CD 126's, a CD 127, CD 151, and a CD 145. When we finally got set to pay, a long deep conversation had arisen. 2 hrs. later we had covered all the places we had been, and found that the owner had been there before, long before. We got a whole history lesson on what used to be there and how many insulators had been found. As the conversation wound down the owner had decided he liked me and how I went places that most kids my age don't or ever will go. He walked over to a dusty shelf. Grabbed one of two CD 123 E.C&M Co's he had and set it in my hand. He said just take this and set it on your shelf at home.