All That's Left

By Brent Burger; posted October 12, 2006

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Not far off the old Palouse Highway sits this lone pole, looking like it has not been touched since 1940. The top arm sports a white Westinghouse 104 on the left and a chococable on the right, while the secondary has a pair of 1903-8 vintage Brookfield 162's and a single darker aqua Brookfield 162 from the post 1908 years. Note the single crossarm brace used on the lower arm, ... kind of odd. The primary feeds to the background where on the next pole there is a transformer. The secondary then feeds back across the road in the opposite direction, but dead ends at some very funky mud johnny balls mounted in brackets, the wires clipped from a long forgotten lead to a pumphouse. The skies around here in autumn are so deep blue and all the colors so warm and rich, foretelling of much cold and grey and snow to come.