Fred Locke M-3236

By Mike Spadafora; posted October 10, 2006

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This is one of three known surviving specimens of the locke #331 multipart . this insulator was produced in 1902-03 . and was rated at 50 kv. It is still in an active substation in a western state being used to suport an insulated platform. I am curently working a number of legal angles to have it removed . and brought into my hands!! two examples of this 11" wide insulator were displayed in the 1904 display at the 1904 worlds fair . I actualy put my hands on the insulator and yes it is real ! The inner skirt is coverd in blisters ... a very crude insulator!!...... and here it is in 2010 saved from the dumpster !!![id=290021301] more about this line and insulator can be found here,