CD 140 Jumbo

By Doug MacGillvary; posted September 29, 2006

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If you are going to put one large insulator into your collection, it should be a JUMBO. This CD 140 has the JUMBO embossing on the skirt and the base is embossed OAKMAN M'F'G'CO BOSTON There is a skirt chip on the reverse side of the embossing that is 1 1/2" wide and 1" high. It carries down to the base but does not affect the embossing. There is a shallow chip on the right side wire groove at the mold line. It is about half the size of a thumb nail. A couple of small dingers on the dome. That is a detailed report on all the bad stuff. I think the two photos will show all the good stuff. This big boy presents himself extremely well and comes at a pretty decent price. $233 delivered to your door in the U.S.