Small Glass Collection--Now sold seporately!!! Sale

By Chris Tella; posted September 26, 2006

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Here is a small glass collection that I would like to sell to make some more shelf room. Pieces are listed below with condition. Asking $325+ Reasonable shipping rates for all pieces. CD 102 Harloe in aqua w/ small piece of junk in dome $8, CD 145 HGCO in jade w/ small base flake $20, CD 235 Pyrex in carnival (Mint) $30, CD 230 Hemingray in aqua w/ one chipped drip $30, CD 166 California in dark sage green w/ some light purple (some dings) $40, CD 145 B in emerald green w/ a base flake and small WG bruise $5, CD 219 Hemingray in olive amber (VVNM) $35, CD 154 Whitall tatum in purple (Mint) $30, CD 147 Patented in aqua w/ lots of junk (1 small flake off spiral) $10, CD 122 Maydwell in gingerale (Small base flake, misc. dings) $8, CD 154 Hemingray in light two tone green/hemi blue in mint condition $30, CD 152 California in purple w/ an oval shaped inner base (1.5 inch base bruise) $15, CD 166.2 Pennycuick in blue ( base dings, small inner base chip) $35, CD 134 GECO in light green w/ a tiny flake at the beggining of pinhole $10, CD 287 FM locke in aqua w/1 inner base chip and two smaller ones $15, CD 287 No 185 in dark aqua w/ 2 open base bubbles and a small chip $15, CD 168 Hemingray in dark olive blackglass in mint condition $15, CD 162 Star in olive green w/ small wire groove flake and chipping off extra base glass $15,