How to grow an insulator garden: 101

By Dwayne Anthony; posted September 22, 2006

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It was asked, "What do you do with your excess common insulators?" Why not use them as garden art? About 4 years ago I began placing my commons one-by-one in the rock/cactus garden in the back 40. Small piles of insulators began to grow into larger piles. They are now segregated into mixed glass, brown porcelain and white porcelain. Eventually the glass will be separated into clear, green, purple, aqua, etc. (needless to say, the better colored glass insulators are heavily damaged specimens). The eye appeal is certainly increasing as the size of each pile of insulators grows. This garden turned out to be a great unintentional security feature. If an uninvited guest decides to come over the back wall there will be a good chance of a loud sound from jostled insulators, or a yelp from the cactus thorns!