ZZZzzzaaappp - Flashhh - BANG !!! part 2

By Bob Scafe; posted September 17, 2006

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Now, class, you will observe immediately below the photographers double chins, we have an Ohio Brass Suspension with OB 408 sandblasted into the finish. We also have a prime example of electrical discharge. This, according to my man at B.C. Hydro, is a classic example of FLASHOVER where the insulator[s] were unable to contain or withstand the flow of energy. They were for some reason, overwhelmed. Power surges can cause this on occasion, as can dirt polution. I have seen video taken in a lab where suspension insulators were subjected to power overloads to determine their capacity, and their failure point. This made for some rather spectacular viewing. Similar intensity to an arc welders torch, with a lot more ZZZzzzaaappp