CD 145 Brookfield [170] MLOD 3

By Bill Vincent; posted September 17, 2006

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Here is a picture of the CREB that I picked up at the Chiloquin show. It embossing is what I believe to be [170]. It is about as Fizzy as they get and has chunks of snow as well as milk and amber mixed streaks, and there is copious amounts of amber throughout the insulator. In most areas the color that I could best describe would be Apple jade. Though my picture looks to have a blue Aqua look in the dome, it is more of a green aqua with the apple jade being throughout the rest of the piece. Some areas of the amber give the glass an almost citrine look. I am not saying that it is citrine in those areas, just that it most resembles that color. There is no purple as my camera would like you to believe in the base. It is just a side effect of the camera and 5000K lighting source creating a digital echo. Thanks for looking