Greatest Suspension colour - Jim Decker Green

By Bob Scafe; posted September 14, 2006

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Patrick Barkwell's pic the other day reminded me of the guys who made my string of Jim Decker greens possible. Nathan Lamkey picked up the string at a California show from Jim. A few months later, he handed off to Robin Harrison in Seattle, who a few months later delivered them to me at the Insulator Ranch in Merritt, B.C. I wish to again thank everyone involved in this act of generousity and giving. I was not particularily surprised, because since becoming involved with insulators 10 years ago, this type of behaviour has been the norm. The people in this hobby are truly unique, and I am happy to be in your midst. My thanks to Jim, Nathan and Robin. I am able to start each day looking out my window at these beautiful Jim Decker Green insulators