"YELLOW" Diamond CD 154 Sold

By Barrett Nicpon; posted August 24, 2006

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An unusual piece for you to feast your eyes upon this evening. Not a piece which I have seen many of, and a piece which will easily stand out upon viewing. I acquired this insulator from an antique store some time ago, and was smitten by it's unsually strong & vibrant yellow tones. I'm generally hard-pressed to call any insulator "yellow", but this at least comes close to that classification. Comparing this piece to a straw Diamond CD 154 makes the straw look like peach. This insulator has almost pure yellow tones. As always, and as Mr. Boehm says - you be the judge on colour. All I know is it's a beautiful piece, which dances in the sunlight, and which will draw eyes in a window display. Unfortunately, there is some damage - two chips. One is a 1" long flat chip on the underside of the front upper wire groove (visible in the photo), and the other is a 3/4" slightly heftier chip just behind the left mould line, and also on the upper wire groove. There are also some pings on the insulator - the largest being a 3/8" wide one on the rear skirt. Unfortunately, this piece has seen better days, but it's colour simply shines! I'm asking $7 U.S. plus shipping. I accept personal cheques from anyone I've dealt with before, or anyone whom is a member of ICON. Feel free to combine purchases to reduce shipping costs!