24 KV subtransmission in Winnipeg Manitoba

By Chris Sweryda; posted August 19, 2006

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This is the first of a series of pictures I took of lines that I was led to by way of following an old (most date-nails were 1952 or older) sub-transmission line I saw running North off a major road. This is looking south back from the direction I came at the 24KV sub-transmission line I was following on a side street about 3 blocks from where I started following it. Just behind me is the tap for a branch line leading east that goes through a switch pole and then down a back alley. I followed it for a ways and then decided to continue with my initial exploration. The way most of Winnipeg is constructed is by way of 4 KV distribution and 24 KV sub-transmission which was initially built with 33KV insulation but is slowing being modernized to 25 KV insulation. This picture also shows the real old sub-transmission standard (used until mid 60's) of having the centre phase on a pole top pin with all tie-top insulators, wooden crossarms and flat braces on the outside of arm and bent in to connect with the pole. Most of the still existing lines have the slightly newer standard and contain clamp-top 33KV multiparts (brown used until late 70's then grey) insulators with a longer steel crossarm with a built in angle iron brace and one wire on one side and two on the other leaving one space vacant (these crossarms could hold 4 wires and do in the case of double circuit) (centre phase does not zig-zag). Both of these styles are now disused since the mid 80's as hydro now simply uses phyberglass cross arms with 25 KV grey porcelain insulators on everything including the 4KV underbuild.

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