(Another) Unlisted Hemingray Embossing Error

By Barrett Nicpon; posted August 17, 2006

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Though not as epic as our last few finds, my father & I were pleased to spot this piece in a small antique/flea market a few weeks ago. I immediately recognized this CD 106's unusually thick build (it has just over 1" of solid dome glass, and it's skirt walls are around 1/2" thick all around), and was already planning on purchasing it, when I took a closer look at the embossing. I was startled to see what appeared to be the first embossing error Hemingray CD 106 I had ever turned up in an antique store. So, I paid the $2 asking price, and took it home... Where I was surprised to not see the listing in the guide. Unless I'm missing something. The embossing is hidden behind the "MAY" embossing on the rear skirt. More specifically, in between the 'A' and the 'Y'. Between these two characters, there is certainly some additional embossing. At best guess it appears to be the number 2. Any thoughts on this currently unlisted engraving error? Here's [id=160428810;a close-up photo of the embossing]. I was recently given the astonishingly accurate theory that perhaps the engraved embossing is "No. 9". Thank you, stranger. The simple and short verification to this is that the error is indeed "No. 9".