Fred M Locke M-2785s

By Mike Spadafora; posted August 4, 2006

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This insulator, known as the big crown gutter, was produced in the years 1902 and 1903 only. Two difrent variations of this rare stile exist . The one on the left with the smaller collar was only found in Washington state . About a dozen exist . Most were found around 1971 on a line near Black Dimond, Washington that was constructed in the late teens from recycled materials salvaged from the Puget Sound Electric Railway in 1915.[id=335844717] The large collar units as on the right were used only in northren California and it has not been clearly determind which lined orignaly used them other then a line in the Chico, Ca area constructed in 1902 . Most were salvaged and used on scatterd lines constructed in the 1908-1925 era . Very few exist today may be 1/2 dozen of these at most . I know of only two specimens being found in California since 1997 [id=159242947]