34.5KV Damage from FRI 21JUL2006

By Charles Robinson; posted July 24, 2006

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In this pic, it is plain to see what happened. The upper arm was replaced with two rubber chickens. ugh.

As some of you know, on Wednesday, 19JUL2006 7:30PM, A VERY powerful storm blew through the St. Louis Metro area, causing over half a million power outages. On Friday, 21JUL2006 11:15AM, Another similarly powerful storm again devastated an already hard hit area. This storm rolled through just a hair over 36 hours after the first one. On Thursday, Ameren had restored power to some 200,000 customers, just to have them, and more knocked out with Friday's storms. I kept my rubbernecking to a bare minimum, so I would not get in the way of the crews, some working over 48 hours when these pics was taken, doing their jobs.