CD 160 No Name -- but what embossing index?

By Andrew Gibson; posted July 22, 2006

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I'm trying to figure out which embossing index this insulator is. This insulator has a '2' on one side (which looks rather like an upside down and backwards '5'). The other side has a bunch of stuff which looks like blotted out embossing. There are, though, two things that might be verticle bars -- the one to the left leans a bit to the left and is thicker at the top, the one to the right actually seems to be an open bubble that goes IN to the insulator except for a small protrusion at the top. From a dimension standpoint, the insulator is 2 15/16" wide by 3 9/16" tall. That's almost 1/4" wider and over 1/4" wider than a "normal" CD 160. The "bars", if that's what they are, are just over 1" apart.

There are 5 embossing indices listed in the price guide, 3 of which definitely don't fit. The two that are possibilities are: [030] (F-Skirt) [Number] (R-Skirt) [Blotted out embossing]; and [050] (F-Skirt) [Verticle bar] [Verticle bar] (R-Skirt) [Number] {K.C.G.W. product}.

Pictured are: the insulator itself; the '2' on one skirt; a closeup of the "blotted out" area, or perhaps verticle bars; and the same closeup with the embossed areas (i.e. raised lines) highlighted. You can see that there is definitely more here than 2 verticle bars.

Does anyone know if this is a [030] with the blotout, the [050] with the verticle bars, or something as yet unreported? Thanks for any help.


A definitive answer appears to be that this is an [050] embossing. All [050]s evidently have at least some degree of blot out (though some are very clean), and that indication may be added to the next edition of the price guide.