Baby Beehive's CD 104's are NOT Boring!

By Gene Hawkins; posted July 20, 2006

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This display won the NIA 1st Place, Threaded Glass award. These are mostly common ones. It just took over 30 years of going to shows looking through those dollar boxes on the floor under the tables to find them. You CAN have an award winning display without spending thousand$ on your collection! The most expensive piece in this display is a pale green one, in the center on the 4th shelf from the top-by FAR not the most impressive one on the shelves! Most all of them were purchased at shows, swap meets, and lists from other collectors and dealers, not from epay. I even found a couple at Austin to add to them! We can all be encouraged to display our collections, no matter how pricey or trendy it is. Bottom line is GET TO A SHOW!!!!