"Flapper" Dominion - 42. Sold

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 5, 2006

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Just like the dancing girls of the same 1920s-30s prohibition era, this DOMINION sports a classy skirt, though it may be made of a slightly different material as those girls may have donned.

These tin skirts are scarcely seen, and I sold my second-to-last one (only the third I've ever owned) on here a few months back. This one is in slightly worse condition, as it appears the skirt had been installed for a much longer period of time, and thus is much more rusty. However, this enhanced patina seems to add only an even more appealing air to this already fascinating insulator appurtenance. Seriously.

The dominion itself is light peach in colour, and is in good shape short of a 7/8" chip on the side wire groove, which actually doesn't look that bad, especially when displayed from the front.

In short, this piece is visibly a hearty workhorse of the telegraph from over 70 years ago, and will make an excellent addition to your collection. I'm asking $15 shipping included to a household in the U.S. or Canada for it. I accept personal cheques from any member of ICON, or anyone I've dealt with before.