3rd Annual S.W.O.I.S. #4 - Withycombes

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 7, 2006

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One of the more memorable walk-ins, from my recollection, was this grouping of 4 complete gray withycombes, and one half specimen. All 4 1/2 of these pieces were found this spring on a stretch of rail line here in Ontario by a local collector, Richard Hiiuvain (Woodstock, Ont.). It is one of the most amazing stories I have heard of taking place in recent years, and no one better for it to happen to, as I'm stricken by his generosity, as the piece second from the right in the front row now adorns my collection, at little cost to me, by the insistence of Richard.

The bottom half of the withycombe on the bottom left was also found this spring. The piece on the top right was found substantially less recently by Richard, while hunting on a line many years ago.