3rd Annual S.W.O.I.S. #2 - A Brow-Raiser of a Walk-In

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 7, 2006

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Andy Gibson travelled all the way from New York on his beaut of a Harley just to attend our backyard swap - an it was a pleasure to meet him! An outstanding character, he brought a good sense of humour, and at least one absolute beauty of an insulator for show & tell. I didn't realize it until a few days prior, but it turns out Andy is the same fellow who found that lovely 7-up green American CD 160.7 in an antique shop for $5 a while back. Here's Andy (left) passing the piece over to Shawn Long (Windsor, Ont.) for a look. It's not every day us Ontario collectors get to hold such a rare, beautiful, and valuable U.S. piece!