Fred Locke insulators shown in Electron line photos

By Mike Spadafora; posted June 4, 2006

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Pictured here are three of the insulators in the 1904 Electron Powerhouse pictures [id=153961535] The wood block and frame in the above photo is the only surviving pole top ridge pin mount from the Electron-Seattle line. The line was rebuilt in 1935-38 and all of these mountings were discarded at that time . *(See pole tops in this photo. [id=153961467]) I found the above pole top in 1998 about six miles north of the Electron hydro plant . The two shells on the pin and the blond top at the base are all I have found of the M-4325 marked Fred M. Locke insulators first installed on this line in 1903. The large top shel pictured has the 6-1 marking and is similar to the ones they used but is not from this line . I need to find a collar skirt to complete this kit. and preferabely an origional top to complete this kit. The big crown gutter in this photo(M-2785 ) appears in the photo of the switches in the Mass. St substation on the crossbar atop the main disconnects . This was the line interconnected the main Electron -Seattle line to the first AC-DC Converter substation of the Puget Sound Electric Railway interurban . The interurban Sub was in ther connected to the Georgetown Steam Plant when it was brought on line in 1905. Transformers were located on the first floor of the of the Mass. Street substation that converted the incoming 55kv line to 35kv for the line out to the electric railroad sub . The line out had just been installed when the picture was taken . Note the recessed inner collar skirt on the gutter . This feature is unique to gutters found in Washington that were used on the Puget Sound Electric Railway in 1903-04. The 55kv bus disconnect switches in the Massachusetts street sub had M-3725 Fred Locke multipart insulators with iron caps on top to hold the switchblade. There is also an example of one of these in the above photo . Here is a better view of these insulators...[id=154022716]