New technology meets old 1

By Steve McCollum; posted May 28, 2006

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My DirecTV dish is mounted on the side of our barn, as we have no clear view to the south from our house. For years, the coax has been draped across the ground, propped up in the trees when we needed to mow around it. My excuse - I need to get around to renting a trencher so I can bury a conduit, you know, so I can easily add more coax later...

Well, later has come. I decided to go aerial. I needed a deep groove insulator at the dish end. What could be better than a Mickey?

At the house end, I used an old wall bracket and three Postal beehives. Linda picked out the colors. I deliberately left the strain loop loose enough that I can change them out easily. See [153407580].

It's interesting to think that more bits flow past these old insulators per second than they saw in their entire former lives. Not that they seem to care ;-)