$25 Insulator Special

By Chris Childress; posted April 30, 2006

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Up for sale is 4 nice insulators. They are priced at $25 each or $90 for all 4. All are VNM to Mint. Here is the descriptions: 1) CD 133 No Embossing [030] Light Aqua. 1 peck on wire groove. Nice Milky whisp in dome. Tough Piece! 2) CD 152 B [010] Dark Olive Green. Normal Rounded Base flaking. Nice Color! 3) CD 187 Patent-Other [010] Usual flakes arond pinhole. This is the tall version which stands at 2-11/16 tall. Most are 2-3/8". 4) CD 252 Lynchburg [030] Aqua. Small feather bruise rear skirt. Drips are all there. Nice potstone in rear skirt.

More pictures available upon request. Buyer pays actual shipping. PayPal accepted.