Fred M. Locke M-2842a and U-608a in service

By Mike Spadafora; posted April 7, 2006

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This picture dates from some place around 1902-06 and shows three poles on a long canyon jump span near the Desabla powerhouse in the foothills near Chico, Ca . This pole structure once stood along the road down to the powerhouse where the line first crosses the road. Each pole supports one conductor with five insulators in parallel to the cable to take the strain of the jump. The line used aluminum cables which are still in service today . The line was upgraded with M-4325 Thomases around 1905 and most of the Fred Locke insulators were removed and salvaged for reuse elsewhere . This was evident by the lack of specimens at pole sights like this . Paul Greaves and I extensively hunted the line in 2001 finding one repairable complete M-2842a, one intact M-2785 big crown gutter and a number of damaged M-2842a's. There are currently only three complete M-2842a specimens known[id=145337649]. This picture was found by Paul Greaves in an early PG&E publication. The small lower cross arms on the far left and right poles have brown Fred Locke U-608a specimens on them with marking 1-8. [id=203042408] to see an actual insulator that was in service on this very pole when this picture was taken! here is a compairison shot of this exact pole then and now[id=245804946]