Items available for trade

By Chris Tella; posted April 3, 2006

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I have the following items avaliable for trade. The pieces are...

CD 169.5 Brookfield in aqua VVNM, CD 202 Hemingray in aqua w/ chipped drips, CD 154 Dominion in gingerale w/ a flake on the WG, CD 110.5 National w/ small base flake and a ding on the corkscrew, CD 121 WGM in purple w/base flakes, CD 267 No 4 Cable w/ base flaking and 1/2 inch area of nicking, CD 102 Vertical bars w/ amber in front Mint, CD 219 Hemingray in olive amber Mint

I am looking for the following...

CD 137 Hemingray in carnival, CD 161 California in purple, CD 175 Hermingray in aqua, CD 166 California in purple, CD 154 Hemingray in two tone aqua/green, CD 149 No Name in aqua, CD 106 WGM in purple, CD 162 Hemingray in root beer, ANYTHING PENNYCUICK!

Let me know if you want to trade. Thanks! ALL SOLD