Piles & Piles of BNSF (ATSF) Crossarms in Arizona Pic 2

By Colin Jung; posted February 25, 2006

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My family is in the foreground, so you can see the height of the crossarm piles. The way they are stored; you can imagine how many insulators were damaged and how difficult it is to search for and extract choice insulators. My family searched this pile for 1.5 hours and I only ended up purchasing two of them: an amber swirled Hemi 40 and a square dome California hoopskirt in aqua. There are CDs 154, 155, 152, 145, 151, numerous porcelain pieces, hardware and plenty of an unlisted Hemingray embossing: " Hemingray-42. "

Please be warned that the owner Tony Jaquez won't let just anyone into his insulator storage yard. He has had some bad experiences with collectors tresspassing in his yard, stealing insulators and damaging others. If you want to visit the storage yard, I suggest you read Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" before you visit.