Al & Ginny Way - 1995 NIA National Display

By Bill Meier; posted January 1, 2006

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[id=140695922; In Memory of Al Way] - April 29, 1952 - December 7, 2005

Al & Ginny are good friends of ours, and Al will really be missed. We met them through the hobby when they started collecting around 1992. They were regular attendees at the YPCIC shows and swaps, regionals and Nationals around the country. Al had a love for colored signals, and pursued them with a passion, building up a fantastic collection, including all the "tough" signals.

They assisted with the 1995 NIA National in Marlboro, MA and also displayed his "dripped signals" as he called them. He wrote:

"Our 162 piece collection of Hemingray, H.G.Co. CD 162 Dripped Glass Insulators won the 1995 NIA Milholland Education Award, NIA First Place Color with a perfect score for education. We also collect CD 151 Single Wire Groove Double Petticoat Communication Insulators and B.G.M.CO."

This colored display of 162 CD 162 signals was fantastic! If you looked close, you could see that the cobalt signals spelled the word "HI". Al was always clever.

Al and Ginny also collected CD 151's and put together this display for the 1996 NIA Eastern Regional.