Sale Rare CD 103 Gayner No. 6

By Mike Humeston; posted December 20, 2005

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CD 103 Gayner # 6 with original bracket. This insulator and bracket was found in Batsto, New Jersey in November, 2005. I am selling this insulator for $300 (reduced from $400) The bracket has house paint on it, but is in otherwise great condition. The bracket is free with the Gayner. I will sell each separately if asked. The condition of the Gayner # 6 is about as perfect as it can get. I have sent the insulator to Mr. Bill Meier for his opinion because of my inexperience in grading insulators. He said he couldn't really see any damage at all. The insulator will be sent from Mr. Meier to the buyer upon completion of the purchase.

Thank you to all the ICON members who assisted me in identifying this insulator, and offering the suggestions for removing it from the bracket.