The Bigfoot of DOMINION - 42 CD 154s! Sale Sold

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 9, 2005

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So rarely seen that it is likely outnumbered by both Cornflower blue DOMINION - 42s, and Amber ones alike, I have for you, this evening, a very rare, and beautifully coloured DOMINION -42. This piece is none other than the Light Yellow Green DOMINION -42 CD 154. It's not even listed! Try and find something resembling it in the guide! It is the [010] listing. A second curious thing about this piece is the presence of a very small peach streak in the front behind the "DOMINION" embossing. It can be seen somewhat in the photo from below. Although quite light, there is a colour difference. Calling the piece a two-tone would be a stretch, but it is interesting to see such different colours combined in one insulator! I'm asking $100 US shipping included. An amber piece would sell for this much, and this piece is much more rare, and just as beautiful! It is another of my VERY shiny insulators, and would look great in a window display, or 154 lineup. I accept personal cheques from anyone on ICON, or whom I've dealt with before. As usual, please feel free to combine purchases to save on shipping! Alrighty - I've decided to mark this rare piece down to $80 U.S. shipping included! A chance to own a rare & beautiful Canadian insulator, with a two-tone effect for added character!