Ice Opal CD 128?

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 2, 2005

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Alrighty - the long awaited photograph of this schemozzle of an insulator.

I picked up a number of these a few months back from a small collection. Even while dirty, one could see a certain luminscent quality about them. My mother, rather *cough* unexperienced in the field of insulators even noticed it without me having to point it out. The colour is not stunning, and does not photograph well, but the insulator appears overall as it does in the dome of this photograph when being examined at the right angle. The pieces are the [040] embossing, and all of them exhibit strange impurities like bubbles, milk swirls, and snot globs, as well as having a strange "buldge" at the mould lines, namely around the wire groove.

They're a mystery, and they're making me pull my hair out!

Alrighty - not so much a mystery any more! Mr Stahr has told me that this colour is actually just a clear Hemi 128, and the strange luminscent quality is simply caused by a "boro-silicate glass formula" which was used at the time. Apparently, a number of Lowex pieces take on the same appearance. Thank you, Mr. Stahr!