Strangely Coloured CD 272.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 2, 2005

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This Whitall Tatum CD 272 was given to me by a very generous and kind collector at the last swap meet I attended. My first thought on it was how incredibly fake it looked, and, to be honest, this is still my thinking. I was sure the piece was irradiated! So, I brought it home and placed it out in direct sunlight outdoors for almost 2 months, believing it to be irradiated, and thinking that the colour would revert at least somewhat to clear in that time.

However, after a month and 3/4, nothing had happened at all. I'm at a loss to explain. Does it simply take more than just 2 months for UV light to reverse irradiation? Or is this piece actually a legitimate colour, and just doesn't look like it at all?

I'd appreciate any thoughts!

Thanks to all who helped me out with this one! As it turns out, my suspicions were correct - the piece is indeed irradiated. Apparently it simply takes much longer for certain pieces to revert to their original colour than other pieces. Thanks again, everyone!