CD 103 Gayner #6

By Mike Humeston; posted November 27, 2005

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This is a picture of the 2 Gayner #6 insulators that a number of ICON members assisted me with information and suggestions on how to get them off the cast iron bracket. As I told them, I bought the bracket and the insulators at a garage sale near Batsto, NJ. I paid $12 for the whole thing. I just wanted the bracket for some insulators I had at home in my back yard in Idaho.

I was just about getting ready to cover the insulators with a towel and knock them with a hammer, when I remembered the ICON website. I was fortunate enough to contact Mr. Woodward, and during my questions on how to unscrew it off the top of the bracket, he told me I may want to be careful with these insulators.

I tried for weeks, and was able to get only one off. I then contacted members of the ICON Digest for suggestion on how to remove the last insulator from the bracket. During the course of this struggle, I finally got the insulator off today, using a 'strap wrench'. I sent pictures of the insulators to Bill Meier and others, who told me these insulators have a pretty good value, and I should be careful with them.

Mr. Meier suggested I put this on the Hunts and Finds gallery, and while I think there should be another category for Dumb Luck, I followed Mr. Meiers' instructions. Both of these insulators appear to be perfect, and I plan on keeping one.

I wish to thank all those who gave me suggestions for removing it from the bracket.