CD 260 California Yellow Insulator Of The Month

By Terry Drollinger; posted October 24, 2005

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Returning from Canyonville Show in 2005 I stopped at Stonehenge Memorial above Columbia River Gorge and took this picture. Bought this one at the show direct from Cliff Kendall. He recovered it from Pacific Lumber Company in Scotia CA. This is my first yellow Cal. It's also my first insulator that made the Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine.

Inside cover Feb.2006 - Insulator Of The Month - An Original " Terry Drollinger sent in this picture of a yellow California CD 260 resting on a basalt cliff high above the Columbia River in Washington.

Terry fell in love with this paint splattered California because... well, because it is covered in paint. You see, there's always been controversy about whether some yellow California's were altered to that color artificially.

But this insulator is exactly the way it was found inside a sawmill in Northern California around 1970. Terry purchased the insulator from a man who was involoved in the recovery of a number of yellow California helmets all those decades ago.

So Terry ownes an authentic yellow California helmet from the original find. Congratulations!"