Steel Towers 1: Rita Damage

By Elton Gish; posted October 18, 2005

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There were 8 steel towers damaged by hurricane Rita between Port Arthur and Bridge City, TX. The towers are located in sight of the Entergy power plant and carried power directly from the plant to the grid. As you can see in the next two photos, one of the towers near the highway was completely destroyed. Power has been restored to nearly all of Entergy's service area, but as of yesterday, only 60% of the rural electric co-op in our area had power. Fortunately our house in Buna (along a state highway 2 miles from town) finally got power after 24 days. We live 50 miles from the coast but most of the damage was not caused by the hurricane, but rather from the hundreds of tornados on the forward edge of the hurricane eye. We lost 40+ trees in the yard. Similar destruction occurred over 130 miles inland on a path 50-80 miles wide just in Texas. Eastern Louisiana also experience similar tornado damage. Click on this link to go to the next photo: [id=134208777]