CD 124.2 - Pat 1871 - Tough CD! Closed: $200

By Bill Meier; posted September 27, 2005

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Another piece from our collection. Personally I feel this is underrated. You occasionally see the CD 124.3's around, but these CD 124.2's are pretty scarce.

I'd call it a Light Green Aqua. There is an overpour which leaves a few pieces of glass protruding down (see photo). There is a 1" base bruise at the right mold line, some roughness in the wire groove, and about a pinky flake on the upper wire ridge under "DE" (see photo).

If you are a CD collector, or Hemi collector, this could be your chance to get a fairly tough piece.

"Bid often, Bid high" ...

100% to the American Red Cross and free shipping. Closes Sunday, Oct 2 at 10pm eastern.

Please note I will be away at the Eastern Regional, but the hotel says they have wireless Internet access, so I should be able to update the bids fairly often. I'll be leaving Thurs AM. I will be bringing the piece to the Eastern Regional if you want to see it in person. It will NOT be sold at the show!